Hedge fund Jobs Miami

Hedge fund Jobs Miami

May 12, 2018
Miami Is The New Manhattan

miamiShutterstockMiami is attracting the LeBron James of Wall Street, the Dwyane Wade of Greenwich equity, and Chris Bosh of Boston — economic titans who're relocating to pay less in taxes and keep maintaining an extravagance life style with a glittering personal scene.

It's already the second most widely used economic hub in the united states after NYC, and The Miami Downtown developing Authority does every little thing it can to create itself popular with bankers through an effort labeled as the DWNTWN promotion.

Lloyd Blankfein and Leon Ebony tend to be rumored having bought Miami condos recently, together with newest hotshot to go their company there's Mark Spitznagel, creator of hedge investment Universa Investments.

“Florida’s business-friendly guidelines ... provide perfect environment for people even as we expand, ” stated Spitznagel. “I would personally expect to see much more corporations like Universa voting using their legs and moving to an even more hospitable business and tax environment, specially as much local governing bodies are making an effort to tighten their hold on organizations.”

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