Hedge fund risk Management software

Hedge fund risk Management software

April 22, 2018
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Quant Suite Barclay Edition is an enhanced analytical platform that offers everything to supply the essential powerful threat management solutions and provide efficient asset allocations for hedge fund financial investment portfolios.

All Barclay Hedge members meet the criteria to get one of the three no-cost improvements listed below in your first Quant Suite Barclay Edition buy.

To get one among these improvements, kindly present the BarclayHedge coupon code when talking with an ABC Quant agent. (the BarclayHedge coupon is shown after submitting an information demand below):

Trend segmentation is Quant Suite's proprietary strategy which allows overall performance valuation over different market trends. If, like, a manager reveals a significant marketplace aspect driving its overall performance as S&P 500, we can see how that investment carried out during S&P 500 uptrends, downtrends or trendless areas. An unique database is provided is updated twice monthly for the Trend Segmentation evaluation. That database includes either a standard group of indices with trend information or a customized set (recharged extra susceptible to the actual index subset dimensions). Regular price: $1, 500. Yours free with this particular unique provide.

Quant Suite includes several standard reporting themes (MS Excel export). They are quite generic and cover countless data. However, some clients need extra tailored reports that include chosen maps, metrics an such like. Regular cost is $800 for improvement these types of a template, which is integrated into Quant Suite (as a unique report button). Obtain it free using this provide.

Whenever you buy Quant Suite Barclay Edition 6 hours of consulting and customized training are included no-cost. Any extra is is recharged in the rate of $250/hr. This offer qualifies one to obtain an extra 6 hours 100% free (12 hours complete).


Quant Suite Barclay Edition includes an easy chosen analytical solutions for investment experts:

  • Risk-return valuation across hundreds of advanced metrics including greater moments
  • Profile building and stochastic simulation resources
  • Tools for manager valuation during different marketplace styles
  • Non-linear profile optimization
  • Multi-factor return-based style analysis
  • Peer team comparison evaluation
  • Tools for making custom analysis metrics
  • Versatile screening filters and subset creation tools.

Advanced designs

Quant Suite Barclay Edition incorporates the latest researches and most advanced level analytics on the market: high moment danger modeling, non-linear profile optimization, omega and kappa metrics, trend segmentation evaluation and many other things. Quant framework can perform handling many threat valuation problems and data biases particular to alternate opportunities.

Unique solutions

For the first time on the market, Quant Suite Barclay Edition introduces the FlexiRank™ evaluation and Trend Segmentation™ technique. FlexiRank™ offers producing custom metrics based on the investor’s specific preferences and standing peer group devices appropriately. Trend Segmentation™ valuation designs integrate evaluation of diverse supervisor performance over different marketplace circumstances.

About ABC Quant

ABC Quant, LLC is a respected seller of analytical models and pc software tools the hedge investment industry. Its detailed knowledge of alternative investments has enabled it to develop an ever growing category of unique solutions for investment professionals. It is a worldwide business with workplaces and representatives in Sydney, London and New York.

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