List of hedge funds by AUM

List of hedge funds by AUM

March 11, 2016
Breakdown AUM headge Fund

Hedge Fund Managers by AUMThe “$1bn Club” regarding the biggest hedge fund managers presents just below 11percent for the 4, 621 energetic managers worldwide. Ny may be the undoubted home with this “$1bn Club”, with 174 among these companies headquartered here representing an overall total of $938bn in AUM. The might 2014 version of Preqin’s Hedge Fund Spotlight additionally shows the necessity of investors allocating about $1bn to hedge funds. There are at this time 203 institutional people inside “$1bn Club”, an increase of 46 from an identical study in May 2013, and these companies represent approximately $650bn in terms of combined capital allocated to hedge resources.

“$1bn Club” Hedge Fund Managers:

  • London hosts the second highest number of $1bn plus managers (80), although Connecticut is second regarding capital managed by these firms with a combined complete AUM of $400bn, mainly as a consequence of the $157bn handled by Bridgewater Associates.
  • The greatest supervisors tend to be split within their approach; 29% of $20bn plus managers consider one core method eg long/short equity, while 38% tend to be diversified across six or more techniques.
  • 69% of $1bn Club supervisors have received a minumum of one dedication from a buyer allocating at least $1bn to hedge funds, versus simply 23% of supervisors with under $1bn in AUM.

“$1bn Club” Hedge Fund Investors:

  • General public pension resources represent the biggest percentage of money spent by $1bn plus hedge fund investors (25per cent), followed closely by sovereign wealth resources (16per cent, up from 7percent a year ago) and private sector retirement resources (15%).
  • North America-based establishments represent more than half of the capital (54percent), even though this is a decrease through the 67% for this money why these organizations represented in May 2013, showing that there were significant allocations from large people various other areas in the last 12 months.
  • $1bn plus people, normally, require a track record of about 2.9 years and minimum AUM of $700mn before investing with a hedge fund supervisor.
  • Long/short equity and macro will be the most targeted strategies among $1bn plus investors over the next year, with these strategies being focused by 50percent and 42per cent among these people correspondingly.
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