Largest hedge funds list

Largest hedge funds list

November 17, 2016
For Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers
largest hedge funds in the field

When making a listing of the biggest hedge resources on earth, there are a selection of ways in which to classify the details.

But many think about possessions under administration (AUM) or profile value as the utmost important factor.

Here is a summary of the 10 largest hedge funds in the world, detailed with the name, place, creator and AUM worth:

1. Bridgewater Associates. Westport, Connecticut. Ray Dalio. AUM: $77.6 billion.

2. Guy Group. London, The United Kingdomt. James Guy. AUM: $64.5 billion.

3. JP Morgan Resource Management. Ny, Ny. Mary Erdoes. AUM: $46.6 billion.

5. Och-Ziff Capital Control Group. Nyc, New York. Daniel Och. AUM: $28.5 billion.

7. BlackRock Advisors. Ny, New York. Larry Fink and Robert S. Kapito. AUM: $27.7 billion.

The hedge resources on our top ten listing won't be the same as those regarded as the greatest in the world. This will be considering a different position system, using the largest hedge resources list taking into consideration the AUM just.

From a size perspective, the 10 hedge funds detailed above, placed by AUM, would be the largest in the world. However, this doesn’t indicate these are the “best” or “top performing.”

Discovering more about the biggest hedge funds on the planet makes it possible to comprehend where some of the top investors tend to be focusing today while the path they truly are headed as time goes on.

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