Glenview Capital hedge fund

Glenview Capital hedge fund

July 27, 2016
Hedge Fund Glenview Capital

Larry RobbinsReuters/Eduardo MunozLarry Robbins, CEO of Glenview Capital Management.Hedge investment billionaire Larry Robbins, founder of Glenview Capital control, features written perhaps one of the most humbling investor letters we have previously experienced.

"the past ninety days have now been exceedingly unsatisfactory and aggravating, " Robbins published when you look at the orifice of their investment's third-quarter trader letter obtained by Business Insider. "I failed to protect your capital, and mine, from a substantial drawdown, despite a set marketplace."

Glenview Capital fell about 13.53% through first nine months of the year, relating to information from HSBC.

The investment's letter, dated October 26, did not provide an updated performance quantity. In line with the letter's language though, it doesn't seem like this month is certainly going really often.

The 46-year-old hedge investment supervisor went on to express however "accept obligation to fix the destruction."

What went incorrect?

Robbins explained he believed his hedge investment's opportunities, which focus mostly on US healthcare, could be a "rock-bed of energy" within market environment. He stated he had been incorrect.

"That wisdom, as assessed within the last 60 times, was 100% incorrect, " he composed. "In hindsight, our self-perception of humility looks shockingly like hubris."

Robbins is a large buyer in managed care, hospital, pharma, and veterinarian shares. While he had not been and contains not been a buyer in Valeant Pharmaceuticals, the worries around that stock have spread to others in the room, he noted.

In order to make it up to his people, Robbins said however be opening an innovative new investment without having any administration or performance charges.

"My objective can be your capital, perhaps not my income, " he typed, "and I also believe i've a duty to operate free of charge to recoup the losings I created for you."

The newest investment are a long-only vehicle dedicated to health care.

Fees under scrutiny

Hedge investment charges became a hot-button problem lately, especially since hedge funds all together have never done really in 2015.

The common hedge fund is up just 0.18percent year-to-date, placing hedge resources on track for the cheapest comes back since 2011, the study firm Preqin stated.

The less-than-stellar comes back have renewed questions regarding hedge fund compensation. Generally speaking, hedge funds aim to get a grip on danger and earn money, it doesn't matter what the market is doing. For most, that overall performance seriously isn't here.

Hedge fund supervisors usually are paid through a payment construction often called the "2 and 20, " which represents a 2% management charge and a 20per cent overall performance charge. That means a hedge fund supervisor would charge investors 2percent of complete possessions under administration and 20percent of every earnings. Needless to say, the figures vary from investment to invest in.

hen you have got $20 billion in assets, you're getting $400 million only from administration charges, Buffett calculated, incorporating that "20percent becomes less crucial."

'i'll rightfully make absolutely nothing'

Robbins, having an estimated web well worth of $2.3 billion, stated he would "rightfully make nothing this current year."

Robbins stated those at his investment who were underneath the partner amount would-be "fairly compensated."

He determined: "we'll accomplish our objectives the only way we ever have actually understood — through sincerity and efforts — and we will endeavor to help our clients through both our old-fashioned products plus this improved offering. Sadly, possibility usually feels as though a punch in face. Our portfolio has a good chin, and we and I also never ever end battling for your needs."

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