Mega Zuma India

Mega Zuma India

December 29, 2018

Every connoisseur of flash games online, will be able to appreciate the value of Zuma India. The meaning of this gaming entertainment is to group the balls of the same color, so the player knocks down the sphere, bursting it. In the game, the balls move in accordance with different routes. By grouping the balls in combination from two or more elements, the player receives points and bonuses. You can see all accumulated coins at the end of the game level.

There are nine levels in the game, divided into three sublevels. In order to finish them, you will need to fill in the strip, which is located in the lower corner on the right side.

Each player gets three lives when he enters the game. Losing is fraught with the completion of life, plus everything, the game level will have to pass first. Of course, the complexity increases, and therefore you need to be prepared for the fact that at the new stage the movement of the balls will be faster, plus to everything, new colors of the spheres will be available. In no case should not yawn, you need to remain attentive, because otherwise, to fulfill the goal of India will be unreal!

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Indian Zuma - Variation Zuma Mature in Indian style. The main menu is beautifully decorated, even the animation in the form of moving elephants on the background of Indian landscapes is made. We already see the usual start of the game, the assortment of similar games for casual themes and learning the game process.

In addition, there is a choice of localization, an impressive range of language options. If this is the first time you are playing like this, it’s better to start with training, the gameplay and existing bonuses are shown in detail. At the start of the game, a beautiful map is shown, on which the levels in the form of objects of Indian stylistics are located.

At the beginning of the first level, we see a standard moving chain of balls and the head of an elephant, which replaces the toad from the classic zooms. The graphics in the game looks very friendly and do not strain your eyes with excessive brightness. A nice animation when the balls collide and a very authentic musical accompaniment gives the game an additional charm, forcing you to spend a lot of time in the game. Navigation is very simple and convenient, from the bottom left you can see the number of lives that you should constantly watch, because if you lose the latter, the game will end, your record will be entered into the general table and you will have to start from the very beginning.

Just to the right of the number of lives is the number of the current level, and to the right are points earned by the player and the progress bar. It can be used to determine how many balls remain in the future, this is useful, because knowing that the end is near, you can relax and not pay extra attention to the moving chain. In the middle of the bottom of the pause button, you can always stop the game at a critical moment and think about how best to solve the situation and perhaps earn more points.

After each level you will find detailed statistics on achievements. The number of bonuses collected at the coin level, the best time at the current level, the best player time, the bonus time, it all adds up and the total score is obtained, which is entered in the table. After reviewing the situation, you can proceed to the next level. Each location is made in an individual style, the tracks are skillfully entangled, which causes the player to concentrate as much as possible on the situation. In the second round, the game already complicates the task by adding another chain.

Choose the side that has the highest priority to break, hone the reaction speed and agility. Do not forget for bonus coins, they appear temporarily and always in a very inconvenient location, for example, hiding behind the chain. Break the chain to get to the treasured coin, or use the bonus sniper scope. With each level, the degree of heat increases, it's not even a few chains, the speed increases, the tangled tracks along which the chain with balls moves, but with all this the number of bonuses also increases. Use freeze and reverse turn to gain time and make a powerful combination that will bring as many points as possible. In contrast to games of similar style, available bonuses are revealed throughout the passage, which stirs interest in what is to come next.

You can always reach a certain location and stop, your progress will continue and you can continue later. It is very convenient, considering that not everyone can spend a lot of time on games, you can sometimes play around and once complete the levels on the Indian map. After going through this version of the epic Zuma, other similar ones will seem to you easier and will be passed in one breath. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure of beautiful graphic design and musical accompaniment, the game will enhance your skills, which will later be useful in kazualki and arcades.

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