Hedge fund administrators rankings

Hedge fund administrators rankings

March 17, 2017
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Peter Hughes, Group Managing Director, Apex Fund providers, one of several world’s biggest independent investment managementCommenting in the statement, Peter Hughes, Group controlling Director said,

Im extremely pleased to be able to announce that Apex is recognised in Service Provider Rankings, created by the worldwide publication Hedge Funds Evaluation, while the number 2 hedge investment administrator worldwide.

Voters included single manager funds, funds of hedge funds and investors into funds from about the globe. Over 50% of voters manage a lot more than $1 billion and more than 50 % of those participating in the ranks hold executive positions in their organisation.

Having accomplished a great deal with our "Global Reach, Local Presence" method in a relatively little while of time since I established the business enterprise nine years back, this outcome verifies my belief that Apex's innovative strategy can consistently lead our industry.

Apex, with AUA of approximately $23 billion, is all about 30 times smaller than Citco. However with 300 staff members in 28 offices across 20 countries, this has a global presence and enterprize model that belies its size. “We have more folks performing genuine accounting work in more places than just about any various other administrator, ” claims Peter Hughes, Apex’s group managing manager.

Having exposed workplaces in Miami and bay area early in the day this season, Apex intends to establish a Latin-American base in Uruguay in December. “Our design will be as close to clients as you possibly can, ” Hughes explains. “It is the opposite of huge directors having a commoditised design based around low-cost businesses centers. That may be advantageous to their particular P&L however it is negative for delivering fast, efficient and personal solution to clients.”

The organization’s model of “global get to, neighborhood service” is underpinned by a classy cloud-based technology platform, consequently it could run seamlessly across boundaries. Moreover it allows Apex available some impressive functionality to consumers. In February, it launched Apex Funds 247, an online reporting device that allows fund managers and people to produce customised reports rapidly with verified profile data.

This is basically the first step in a broader initiative to boost transparency and access to financial investment portfolios, in accordance with Hughes. “We tend to be moving towards offering real time risk and P&L to your iPhones and iPads of supervisors and people. We could also provide risk, profile and order administration systems through mobile technologies, so people can handle their assets on the road in real time.”

By the end of the year, Apex will likely make a cloud-based profile and purchase administration system accessible to clients. “We’re not only an administrator. Our company is a total answer supplier with a full package of solutions to asset managers globally and we can provide every thing locally on a global scale, ” says Hughes.

Fund administrator (solitary supervisors)
1 Citco Fund Solutions (25.4percent)
2 Apex Fund Solutions (14.8%)
3 Meridian Fund Solutions (11.9per cent)
4 JP Fund Management (9.6%)
5 SS&C GlobeOp (7.8%)

Fund administrator (FoHFs)
1 Citco Fund Services (28.0percent)
2 Apex Fund Solutions (15.6%)
3 Meridian Fund Services (11.9per cent)

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